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Social Media AdvertisingFacebook 101: 5 Tips for Creating Facebook Posts for Business
facebook posts for business

Facebook 101: 5 Tips for Creating Facebook Posts for Business

Ready to ramp up your business Facebook presence? 

The platform boasts over 2 billion users worldwide. Over 140 million businesses use it to promote their companies.

Creating Facebook posts for business promotion can be confusing. Do you push your products or play it cool? How do you get attention from potential customers?

Posting on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult. With a solid Facebook strategy, your business can grow in reach to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Check out these five Facebook tips for creating posts to support your social media marketing plan.

1. Create a Content Calendar

Your Facebook content calendar ensures that everything you post is meaningful and effective. It helps you balance the types of content you post and share on Facebook.

It also helps you stay consistent. Regular posting on your Facebook page keeps followers engaged and keeps you fresh in their feeds.

Decide how often to post on your page. Then plan out a month’s worth of posts, including the type of post and content.

2. Start With a Purpose

Every Facebook post should have a purpose, but that purpose isn’t always about selling. If you’re constantly promoting your products, your followers won’t stick around.

Successful businesses use Facebook to educate, entertain, and engage their followers. Think about the value you’re giving your followers. They’re more likely to feel a connection to you when they get this value.

You can promote your products subtly while keeping your posts entertaining and engaging. You might show a behind-the-scenes photo of an employee setting up a new product display. Or you might post a video of your staff making a recipe while using one of the cooking utensils you sell.

Decide what you want to get out of each post, whether that’s building trust with followers, promoting a new product, announcing a promotion, or provide information to your followers.

3. Encourage Engagement

Use your posts to engage followers. Ask a question or encourage them to comment on your post.

When they do, interact with them. Like their comments, or reply to them.

Lots of engagement makes your business seem more relatable. People want to support businesses that make them feel seen.

4. Add Visuals

Facebook doesn’t require an image or video in your post, but adding one makes your posts stand out.

Think about your own Facebook scrolling habits. Which posts stand out to you?

Do you stop to read a long block of text without any image to hook you? Probably not.

An attractive visual catches attention and piques curiosity. That encourages followers to stop and see what’s in the post. 

Original photos are best. Most people can spot stock photos, and they don’t set you apart with a unique image.

Video is also a highly engaging option. Consider doing Facebook live videos to engage with followers in real-time.

5. Get to the Point

You don’t have long to hook a reader. If they don’t connect to the content right away, they’ll likely keep scrolling.

Readers tend to scan. Statistics show that 79% of people scan online content instead of reading it fully.

Your first few words are crucial to getting people to continue reading and engaging with your posts. If you have a long, boring ramp up to your actual content, you’ll likely lose a lot of people before you get to the good stuff.

Keep your Facebook posts short. If you want to share more information, consider adding a link. You might tease your latest blog post with a short Facebook post and a link to the full blog post.

Improve Your Facebook Posts for Business Use

With the right type of Facebook posts for business promotion, you can engage your audience and grow your presence online. Your Facebook page can drive more people to your business website, which can translate into more sales.

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