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Social Graces: The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In January of 2019, there were over 3.4 billion active users on social media. With the evergrowing number of people who use their mobile devices to access the internet, this number only tends to grow.

This is, of course, a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes. And most of them know it: in 2019, 73% of small businesses do invest in social media marketing.

If you’re a part of the other 27% and your brand is not on social media yet, it’s time you realize all the benefits of social media marketing. The truth is that nowadays, having a well-planned, regularly updated page can do wonders for your business.

By the end of this article, you’ll be more than ready to start planning your new page!

3 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The following three are only a few of all the advantages that having a digital presence can bring to your brand. 

If you take as little as six hours per week to really plan it and get creative with it, you’ll quickly see how much you can do with a simple page. All for a really low cost!

More Conversions

When you start a social media page, you automatically get one more channel through which you can get conversions. Of course, the conversions don’t just appear and not every little thing you do on your page will end in a conversion. 

You’ll need to work for them. But it’s proven that social media marketing has a higher lead-to-close rate than 

Easy Contact Point With Customers

Social media has become a very important channel for customer support. It has become one of the number one places users turn to when they need to speak to a brand.

Having a page will make your customer’s life a lot easier when they need to talk to you, which will always be appreciated.

Improved Brand Recognition and Loyalty

At first, social media might seem like a page when you post a few sentences, some images, perhaps some video content and not much more.

But the truth is that you can get very creative with social media. And all the features that each platform has are the perfect proof of that.

When you work towards maintaining an original page that puts their customers first and makes sure to answer all their questions, you see both your brand recognition and loyalty grow.

Let’s Get Planning!

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that by now you’re more than convinced that your brand needs a social media page. 

Now it’s time to take the next step: planning. If you don’t take time to build a whole strategy for your page(s), you probably won’t notice all the benefits of social media marketing that we just listed.

If you need any help with your social media strategy, we’d love to help you. Send us a message and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

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