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social media marketing best practices

Social Media Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2020

Social media is ever-changing and can be hard to keep up with, but knowing what’s fresh when it comes to social media marketing is a must to keep a digital presence. A successful social media presence is a must to make sure your brand is staying in front of current and potential customers. 

If you’re trying to stay relevant on social media this year, follow these social media marketing best practices to make sure your marketing goals are met in 2020. 

Go in With a Plan 

Taking your social media marketing to the next level takes some serious planning, strategizing and goal setting. Figure out what your main social media goals are, such as growing your following, establishing your branding, or upping your content quality. This will put your team on the same page towards a united and purposeful goal.  

This plan goes along with knowing your audience. If you know your audience or your customer, you can better understand how to reach them on social media. This will help you figure out what platforms your customers are using, and what kind of content appeals to them most. 

Make sure the way your company brands itself on social media is in line with what your audience finds appealing. Figuring out your customer’s demographics can help you pinpoint certain platforms to focus on.

If you don’t already know this information, try conducting a simple survey that asks your customer what platforms they are using, and what kind of content stands out most to them on their preferred platforms. Asking your customers what they would like to see from your brand is a great way to let them feel that they are important to you, and a part of your marketing process. 

Develop a Strategy for Your Content 

Once you know what platforms your customer is using and what kind of content they want to see, you can start to create a content strategy. It’s important to make a schedule of when you will post certain types of content, making sure your up to date and staying active on your social platforms.

Text, video, and images are all important aspects of your social strategy, and it’s important to know that this content is building brand loyalty by staying consistent. While clever and helpful text is necessary, it’s really important that your visual content is quality, as this is what will catch viewers’ eyes as they scroll their feeds. 

Try using a social media scheduler so that you can have a layout of when your content will be posted, either weekly or monthly. 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices for 2020

If you want to stay on top of your social media platforms to up your brand loyalty, make sure you follow the social media marketing best practices highlighted above. By keeping your social platforms active and effective, you can reach your customers, and grow your audiences. 

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Social Media Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2020
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Social Media Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2020
Social media continues to be a necessary way to grow your brand's reach. Stay up to date with social media marketing best practices with these tips for 2020.

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