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5 Tips for Building Your Brand Through Facebook Content

Close to half of the global population has a Facebook account. If you aren’t harnessing its power, you’re missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

Yet what secrets are there to creating Facebook content? What do you need to know about managing a Facebook page? What sort of content will convert readers to customers?

We know that SEO can be confusing but we’ve got your back. We’re experts in SEO and can help make your site better.

Are you ready to have an incredible Facebook page that improves your company profile and nets you more customers? Then keep reading.

1. Make a Business Page For Your Facebook Content

One mistake that a lot of businesses make is using a personal Facebook page for their business. What this means is that instead of having a page that’s open to all and that can be liked and subscribed to, businesses essentially make another account for their site.

This is poor on multiple counts. Depending on your privacy settings, other users could have to add you as a friend if they want to see all your content, severely restricting the number of viewers you’ll get.

It’s also against Facebook rules to have more than one personal account, so you could end up with a ban.

2. Set Up a Call-to-Action Button

A call-to-action is critical for all web content. You want to encourage your readers and viewers to take action and use your services. Facebook lets you set up a call-to-action on your page, saying something like “buy now” which lets readers jump to your product page and purchase from you.

If they have to go through additional steps to purchase from you rather than a competitor, why would they? Take advantage of all that Facebook offers.

3. Post Engaging Content

Not all Facebook content is created equal. Some of it is going to have that special something. The key to creating good Facebook content is to make it engaging, relatable, and shareable.

You want your readers to click that big share button and spread the word about your business for you. If you’re putting out bland content, that’s not going to happen. Ask questions, create entertaining or informative list posts, and use good images.

4. Target Your Facebook Content

When you’re going to publish a post, click the little blue crosshair on the post. When you do this, you’ll be able to set who you’d like to see the post and who you’d rather you didn’t. 

This lets you post more specific content that’s oriented towards a certain kind of person.

5. Get a Personality

Social media marketing is about having a brand personality. If you’re just using corporate speak, no one is going to pay attention to you. Act like a human: reply to comments, make jokes, be pleasant to talk to.

While not every business should be cracking wise, there’s always room for personality in your posts. 

Want Us to Take Care of It?

Our SEO expertise features a great deal of knowledge about effective Facebook content. If you’d like to get the best Facebook page around, let us help you out.

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