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How to Promote Your Business With Branded Hashtags

Hashtags pop up all over social media. In essence, it’s a way for people to identify their posts as relevant to a specific topic.

For example, a fan of Game of Thrones might include #GoT in a show-related post. Then, that post shows up if anyone searches for that hashtag.

Businesses can also use branded hashtags as a promotional tool. Not sure how you’d do that? Keep reading for hashtagging tips.

Establishing a Branded Hashtag

Establishing a branded hashtag is the first thing you must do. In general, this is a hashtag that incorporates your business name or something very closely tied to it, such as a logo.

So a business called Rosco’s Roadhouse with a slogan like “Best slaw in the South” has some options. You could go with any of the following:

  • #Roscos
  • #RoscosRoadhouse
  • #BestSlawintheSouth
  • #BestSlaw

Once you pick your branded hashtag, you need to use it relentlessly on every single social media post. For bonus points, include it in your marketing and advertising collateral.

Interact with People Who Use It

Once you start using your hashtag everywhere, you must watch for people who use it. You can help reinforce the brand by interacting with these people.

You can like their posts or respond directly to the content of their posts. This not only makes people associate the hashtag with your business, but it also makes you look like a responsive brand. People like responsive brands.

Use the Hashtag with Trending Hashtags

Hashtags trend on social media, especially on Twitter. You can use those trending hashtags to boost your own profile. For example, you’ll often see the hashtag #GameDay around big games.

Returning to Rosco’s Roadhouse, you could hashtag with #GameDay, #BestSlaw, and #Sale. You could even come up with a specific hashtag for the sale, such as #GameDaySlaw or #BestSlawSale.

Co-opt Popular Tags

Some hashtags remain evergreen on social media. Hashtags like #breakingnews or a local hashtag like #chicago. You can pair your branded hashtag with kinds of evergreen hashtags to draw attention.

For example, you could write a post like this for Rosco’s:

“Rosco’s is running a 24-hour sale on our ribs, mashed potato, and slaw family pack. Only $18.99! #breaking news #Roscos”

Or like this:

“Get your family grub on with Rosco’s Rib, mashed tater, and slaw family pack. #Roscos #Miami”

Each of these examples focuses your general brand hashtag with an evergreen hashtag that will draw eyes.

Parting Thoughts on Promoting Your Business with Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags can potentially transform your social media presence.

They give you a chance to engage followers or fans of your brand. They can help you draw attention to sales or marketing campaigns. You can also pair them with trending or evergreen hashtags to highlight a relevant connection.

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