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BrandingHow to Build Brand Awareness: 5 Tips That Work
how to build brand awareness

How to Build Brand Awareness: 5 Tips That Work

When you think of the most popular brands on the market, odds are there’s a certain factor they have that sticks out to you.

Subway emphasizes eating fresh, so that’s many of our go-to for a healthy lunch. McDonald’s emphasizes value for your money, so many of us head there on a budget. Building brand awareness is essential for gaining and maintaining an audience.

As a business owner, you’re going to want to know how to build brand awareness.

To learn our tips, keep reading!

How to Build Brand Awareness

When it comes to your brand, you want people to flock to it.

You want your brand to be the brand that people are biased towards and loyal to. This is what the result is when you have brand awareness. So, how can you achieve that?

1. Trust Is Key

If someone has a bad experience with a brand, they’re likely not going to give that brand their business again.

Part of building brand awareness is putting customer needs first and building trust. You want your audience to associate your brand with loyalty and generosity. To do this, it’s important not to be stingy with your product.

Be gracious with replacements and returns. One product that costs $60 is much less significant than a customer’s repeated business.

2. Have a Clear Message of What Your Brand Is For

A huge part of building brand awareness is creating an association with your brand.

For example, if you’re looking for a healthy yogurt, you may consider Chobani. If you’re looking for comfortable and durable athletic apparel, you may choose Nike. What both of these brands have in common is that they associate a need with their product.

This “need” creates a reason for consumers to return to your brand over and over.

3. Build Your Brand Equity

One of the first things people will notice about your brand is the price range.

Are you on the higher end? If so, what are you offering that justifies it? Think about your purpose, quality, and target audience to determine your brand equity.

4. Interact with Your Audience

The more personal you are with your audience the more positively they’ll view you.

Be vigilant with responding and interacting with consumers on social media. If someone has a complaint on social media, reach out and find out how you can remedy the situation.

When building brand awareness, you want others to associate your brand with being a person and not just a big corporation.

5. Have a Backstory

There has to be a journey for why you set out to start your business.

So, make it public! Your consumers will be more attracted to your business if they are inspired by your journey.

What Does Your Brand Represent?

The most successful brands on the market have brand awareness.

You know exactly what the brand is known for as well as what they have to offer. If you want a little more advice on how to build brand awareness, reach out to us today!


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