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Why a Mobile Optimized Website Is Important

It’s practically business gospel that your business needs a website. The absence of one simply cuts you off from too many avenues of potential sales and leads. It also leaves your online reputation at the mercy of whoever happens to write something about you online.

The latest addition to that gospel is that you need a mobile optimized website. That’s geek-speak for a version of your site that functions well on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. If you’re new to online business or website building, you can rightly wonder why it’s so important.

Keep reading for the big reasons why you can’t take a pass on a mobile version of your site.

Improves User Friendliness

The rise of smartphones with high-speed Internet connectivity means that a lot of your customers visit your site on their phones. A mobile-optimized site makes their user experience much smoother. The content, menus, and graphics adjust for the screen size.

Google Wants It

Google is likely more sensitive to changes in user behaviors than any other company out there because so many people use Google products. They’re also the final word on search engine optimization and page ranking.

Google announced a few years ago that a mobile-ready site was a major factor in SEO scores moving forward. In fact, Google looks at your mobile site first now. Unless you want a terrible rank, you need a mobile site.


All of those people browsing your site from their phones don’t wait until they get home to make purchase decisions. Many of them will buy a product or sign up for a service directly from their phones. A mobile site streamlines that decision-making process for them.

By contrast, a site that doesn’t display well on their phones will just drive them to a competitor site. A mobile site facilitates sales and prevents unnecessary losses to your competition.

It’s Becoming the Norm

For new businesses especially, a mobile-ready site should prove a no-brainer of a decision. You can get a responsive site built from day one that transitions seamlessly from phone to desktop and back again without a hitch.

Most major brands invested the time and money to build mobile versions of their sites years ago. These days, lacking a mobile version of your site or not building a responsive site makes your business look out of touch. Even WordPress lets you automate a mobile version.

Parting Thoughts on Why You Need a Mobile Optimized Website

You can escape the need for a mobile optimized site. Customers expect it and will punish you for not having one.

Just as importantly, Google will punish you for lacking a mobile-ready site. You’ll never rank well in the search results, which will destroy your traffic potential.

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