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types of website design

5 Most Popular Types of Website Design

About 45% of entrepreneurs don’t have a website for their business.

While some are oblivious to the potential benefits of a site, others are simply afraid of this technology. Having a website in this age where millions of people are in online spaces is crucial.

Besides working on compelling content for your website, you need to consider a style that resonates with the website users. Websites have varying designs.

Types of Website Design

Keep reading to know some of the most popular types of website design.

Most Popular Website Designs

1. Content Website

A content website, commonly referred to as a blog, aims at promoting users’ interaction with the content.

Blogging allows you to explore and write about anything you like. When you go for this type of website, you ought to know your target to develop relevant content.

Fresh content is what sets your blog or content website apart.

Captivating content will increase your website visits while making you rank high in different search engines. Ensure that you don’t have a poor website design, which can be a turnoff to prospective visitors.

2. Brochure Website

The brochure website is one of the most popular types of website design, which works like a virtual business card.

The brochure website design is often short and precise. It focuses mostly on service or product and is usually less than ten pages.

This website design allows a user to learn about the locations, hours, and contact the business through the website.

Simply put, everything is under one roof on the brochure website.

3. eCommerce Website

In 2017, the United States eCommerce grew by 16%, which translates to $453.46 billion.

With more shoppers flocking in online spaces to spend money, getting a relevant website is essential. A site like Amazon stands out as one of the most functional eCommerce websites.

You need to know the tips to make a user-friendly website if you intend to attract shoppers.

If your eCommerce website is hard to navigate through, the conversion rate will remain low. Research more on web design tips to know how to go about creating a professional-looking website.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding refers to the modern way that people fund ideas.

Crowdfunding websites are designed to take pledges from people to reach the intended target. Crowdcube and Kickstarter are some of the most commonly-used Crowdfunding websites.

5. Media Websites

Media websites focus on current affairs, entertainment, sports, and weather. CNN is one of the news sites that fall under the category of media websites. Media sites have dynamic content, which is updated regularly.

Some of the most prominent media sites publish videos and news articles daily. If you have a media website, you have to be conversant with what’s trending.

Get Your Website Designed Today

Your business can benefit significantly from a website. You have different types of website design at your disposal. Depending on your offerings, choose a website design that will be relevant to your prospective clients.

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