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Why you need an SEO-optimized website

Maybe you’re about to launch a business. Or, maybe your business has been up and running for a while, but your online presence is limited to a splash page.

Either way, you’ll want to keep in mind that an SEO-optimized website is a must-have in today’s digital age. If you’re wondering if SEO is really all that important, or if it’s just a passing fad that’s going to cost you a ton of cash without providing any tangible return, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For this post, we wanted to talk about some of the key reasons you need a search engine optimized website.

Your customers need to be able to find you

You probably have some basic understanding of how an internet search works. You hop onto your computer (or smart phone), you type your search terms into the browser window, and form there the search engine provides you with a list of relevant results.

For example, if you do a search for “car wash near me,” you’ll likely get a list of every car wash location that’s in the area. Yet as a consumer, you need to ask yourself how often you scroll past page one or page two of a Google search.

Companies that have listings on page three or beyond are often never looked at. When you have an SEO optimized website, this will help ensure your website listing appears on the first page or two of an Internet search. If your customers can’t find you, you’re likely losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Your website will get more traffic

An optimized website will help with more than getting you on the first pages of a browser search. It will provide your customers with content that’s relevant and engaging, and it will help establish you as being an authority in your industry.

The goal is to keep people on your website for as long as possible. When people can find your website and they stay on it because they’re engaged in the content, this will also help increase your ranking. On the other hand, if you have a great ranking but your web content is terrible (and/or filled with run-on sentences and poorly written content), this is going to harm your brand.

The goal is to get your website in front of your customers, to get them to click on your website, and to keep them engaged in whatever it is you have to say.

If you’re able to do this, you’ll wind up with more leads, and ultimately, more conversions.

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