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Pay Per ClickPPC Strategy Trends in 2020 Every Business Owner Should Know About
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PPC Strategy Trends in 2020 Every Business Owner Should Know About

PPC ads can boost awareness by 80%.

If you know what to optimize your PPC ads and how it can work for your business, it can lead to more conversions and ultimately more sales. 

To succeed with PPC, you have to stay on top of the trends. You have to do your research on how PPC is affecting e-commerce brands, SaaS companies, and other forms of businesses. 

You need to know the 2020 PPC trends. It will help you form your PPC strategy.

Here are the top PPC trends you need to know that can help your business grow and convert more customers. 

Audience or Keywords? 

Do you create your PPC strategy around keywords or a specific audience? 

The trends appear to be moving toward audiences. You create a PPC strategy around the behaviors and interests of people. 

Keywords are less effective and should be focused more on people and their habits. 

Advertisers are able to create multiple audiences based on their behavior. It’s a trend in marketing that continues to evolve. Audiences are becoming more segmented. 

Automation Is the Future 

Automation is already a part of PPC. The question is, are you using it as part of your strategy?

Google wants you to use its automated bidding strategies, which more companies are using. 

Automation is giving more businesses the freedom to do tasks hands-free and work on other parts of their campaign. 

Amazon Advertising

Advertising on Amazon continues to be a hot trend following 2019. 

Their Sponsored Product Ads is an especially effective strategy in PPC. You can create specific audiences and using different strategies to promote your products. 

If you have questions about your PPC strategy, you can contact us and we can tell you how we help businesses. 

Video Trends

Videos, especially bumper videos are becoming a trend on platforms like YouTube. Bumper videos are 90-second videos that are displayed on YouTube. 

Video is also the top of mobile searches, which is why it should be a part of your PPC strategy. 

Remarketing To Your Audience

Lastly, remarketing to your audience continues to be a trend. 

You have higher CTRs and conversion rates when you do remarket to your audience. You can retarget app users, website visitors, reengage visitors with abandoned shopping carts, and target similar audiences. 

Ultimately, these strategies are designed to give your PPC strategy more options. You also can test different strategies and see what trend will benefit your business the most.  

Your PPC Strategy Should Keep up With Trends

The more you keep up with trends, the more effective your PPC strategy will be. You will understand what your competitors are doing and how you can stay on top of your competition. 

You should also consider testing these trends and see what works for your business. Your strategy may take tweaking, especially when it comes to understanding your audience. 

You can find more about our SEO services on our website. 

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