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Marketing5 Ways Negative Keywords Can Help Advertisers Target Their Ads

5 Ways Negative Keywords Can Help Advertisers Target Their Ads

Keywords will get you new customers. The hard part is figuring what keyword to use and how to use them naturally. 

SEO is filled with keywords, not just positive keywords but also negative keywords.

But not a lot of people understand how to use negative keywords or what they are.

Negative keywords can help advertisers prevent people from searching for the wrong product. It can help narrow an audience and what they’re searching for. 

Here are 5 ways that negative keywords can help target your ads. 

1. Find the Right Negative Keywords

You should be using Keyword Find to help find negative keywords. They can help you find words that narrow your search. 

When you do search and you see a list of words that don’t fit your criteria, you should include it in your negative keywords. It will eliminate what people are searching for that conflicts with your business. 

You can also look at Search Term Reports to see how people found your ads. You can see what words triggered your advertisement to show up. 

Based on the results and what people are looking for, you can use some of the negative keywords from that search.

It will create a more specific audience.

2. Get Creative

Getting creative means you have to figure out what negative keywords are hurting your advertisements. 

The goal is to reduce wasted clicks. The goal is to narrow your audience. 

Getting creative means targeting negative keywords that are similar to your product.

If you sell running shoes, you could negative keywords, church shoes, volleyball shoes, and other kinds of shoes that don’t include running. 

3. Do Your Research 

Negative keywords can help advertisers if they do their research. 

Advertisers need to figure out how people are searching for their products. They need to look at Search Term Reports, who their competitors are, and how to add negative keywords to campaigns. 

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4. Don’t Add Too Many Negative Keywords

It can be easy to add a lot of negative keywords to create a very specific search. 

The problem, however, is that too many negative keyword phrases can lead to poor conversions because the search volume is too low, which creates a low conversion rate. 

5. Figure Out Your Match Types 

Negative keywords have match types that you can get rid of. 

You can use a negative exact of a word so you don’t eliminate the entire phrase. 

If you are an optometrist and sell glasses, you don’t want to include the negative keyword, glasses. Rather, you want to add negative keywords like wine glasses or drinking glasses.

Negative Keywords Can Help Advertisers Target an Audience 

Ultimately, negative keywords can help advertisers create a more searchable product.

They are eliminating an audience that doesn’t need their product and they are creating an audience that does want to search for their product. 

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