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5 Digital Marketing Channels on YouTube You Should Be Subscribed To

Video content can be a great way to learn more about digital marketing. If you’re hoping to learn more about this industry, keep reading for some of the best digital marketing channels on YouTube that can help teach you everything you need to know about this important marketing strategy.

1. Robin Sharma

An author of 15 successful marketing books, we take it that Robin Sharma is an expert. Sharma is now using YouTube to share his marketing advice. As the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., Sharma has worked with brands from Nike to Microsoft and GE.

With amazing business advice that is also relatable, Sharma has grown a vast web following. With a passionate and personable attitude, Sharma makes his videos for business owners big and small. If you have always wanted to benefit from this marketing gurus advice but aren’t a big reader, you should check out his YouTube channel today.

2. Sunny Lendarduzzi

A pro at all things YouTube, Lendarduzzi is a must for those who want to subscribe to entertaining and helpful content. With a big personality, Lendarduzzi creates marketing tools with a focus on branding and internet presence.

If you’re looking for tips on creating content on social media that will address and interest your target audience to establish brand loyalty, Lendarduzzi is worth a follow.

3. HubSpot

This company is all about marketing advice, especially when it comes to digital platforms. Hubspot knows how important it is to stay consistent with content, so they post three videos per week. Watching their videos will help you understand the importance of customer experience, which can help you improve your website.

4. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a great go-to if you want someone who is transparent. Flynn is open about both his gains and losses when it comes to his career as an entrepreneur. Encouraging and energetic, Flynn is a great online personality that offers real-world marketing advice.

5. Fight Mediocrity

Hosted by Malkhaz Geldiashvili, this is a great option if you want advice from multiple experts without having to read all of their books. Geldiashvili breaks down business books by summarizing them, pulling out key points, with the help of video content.

Geldiashvili also breaks down how certain points made in these books have helped his career, and also debunks books that he finds unhelpful. Whether you are hoping to save time by skipping a full reading and just want a summary, or are trying to figure out what hot new business book you should buy next, Fight Mediocrity could be really helpful for you.

Follow Some of These Digital Marketing Channels Today!

If you are looking for new ways to gain helpful business and marketing advice, following some of these experts is a great place to start. With these different and unique digital marketing channels, there is truly something for everyone.

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