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UncategorizedThe Ultimate 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate the Web In 2019

The Ultimate 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate the Web In 2019

The Ultimate 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate the Web In 2019

Believe it or not, we’re already rounding the first base in the great baseball game that is the calendar year, and 2019 has some exciting graphic design trends on the horizon.

So if you’re a web designer looking to update the look of your site or sites to stay cutting edge and on trend, here are five trends to keep in mind.

The “Made By Hand” Look

Ever since the ascendancy of Etsy type of websites and other sites that focus on handmade goods, this look has been in favor, and this year will likely be no different.

But the “handmade” look doesn’t have to actually be crafted by hand, of course.

Using software like Adobe Illustrator allows you to create and re-create the look of something drawn out by hand, which means that entire websites could be created around this aesthetic style.

The handmade look also encapsulates eclecticism, with flaws built into the design that make the overall product appear completely unique. Asymmetrical features and organic textures make “made by hand” an endearing, attractive trend to work with, especially when creating websites and content.

Open Composition

Open composition design leaves traditional “closed” web design in the dust, ignoring borders and reaching across whitespace to create a composition that looks like only a small part of a bigger whole, most of which isn’t seen.

The style is already seen to be very on trend in art, and is being adapted to web design. Often eclectic and even apparently random, this style is immediately engaging, demanding the full attention of everyone who sees it.

While it may not be the best choice for a more traditional website, this design trend could be stunning for a site that calls for uniqueness and quirk.

Three Dimensional Design

3-D may seem like it has hit its peak and descended the other side, especially after the resurgence of 3-D movies some time back. But as far as graphic design, it’s on the short list to become a big player in trends this year.

One of the exciting things about 3-D design is that it can be used to create augmented reality and virtual reality experiences — both of which have been big things in the past year, so the trendiness of 3-D this year may be piggybacking on the AR and VR trends of times past.

 3D design can be used in web design to help to create an immediate, immersive experience for the viewer. It can also be employed in the design of avatars, sponsors, and AI interfaces.

Isometric Design

Roughly speaking, isometric design is about drawing a three dimensional object in only two dimensions, using careful colorization to make the design look like it is 3-D. This keeps the design simple and easily rendered, but also gives it far more depth than a simple flat design.

This is a useful trend for web design, as it follows the popular 3-D wave, but saves loading and rendering time and space, since it really is a 2-D design.

These are created with careful attention to line and color in graphic designs to create an impact on the viewer. Isometric designs are ideal for use as main features on web pages, as well as for icons and avatars.

Micro Movements

Every web designer wants a way to render their web design more interactive, more intriguing, more engaging. Well, micro movements may be just the thing.

It isn’t unusual to see photo slides as a main feature of a web page, but what about tweaking that movement down? Creating a graphic that changes every now and then in subtle ways keeps the viewer guessing — and watching.

Micro movements may be incorporated into everything from the web page menu to background images to hover text, and can increase the interest wherever they are added.

On Trend Web Design

Each year sees a new crop of trends to be aware of, and each year some trends fall by the wayside.

The great thing about these five trends is not only that they are popular right now, but that they actively engage your audience and help them to further invest their interest in your site.

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