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Palette Power: The Importance of Color in Web Design

Did you know that there is approximately 28,000,000 small business in the U.S? In 2015 small businesses were responsible for over 61% of all growth. Small Businesses are a significant contributor to the current economic growth.

Small business owners are experts in their field and may not know all they need to know to expand their business through digital marketing. Website design and SEO optimization are terms not all small business understand. For example, in digital (and traditional) marketing, there is a strong relationship between color and purchasing decisions.

If you are a small business owner and don’t understand the impact of color in design and how color impacts purchasing decisions, read on.

The Importance of Color in Design

Colors produce an emotional response. Color responses affect purchasing decisions.

Colors fall into two categories: warm or cool. Warm colors are energetic and alert. Warm colors are ideal for powerful calls to action.

Cool colors are associated with peaceful energies and are tranquil and calming.

Below is a list of the emotional responses to the various colors. When you look at the colors below, think about the first company that pops into your mind.

Red – Valentines Day or the American Red Cross may be the first things that enter your mind. Red is associated with passion, health, life, and romance. If used correctly it creates a powerful call to action.

Yellow – Best Buy and IKEA have leveraged yellow to increase sales. Yellow is happy and is associated with warmth and joy. In some cases, yellow is also associated with caution.

Blue – Did you know that blue is one of the most popular colors worldwide? Walmart, ATT, and Intel all do. It is associated with peace, serenity, loyalty. In some cases, it is also associated with sadness.

Green – Starbucks and Wholefoods use green to promote themselves. Green is associated with health, growth, the environment, and nature, but be careful of the green monster, jealousy.

Orange – McDonald’s and Harly Davidson both use orange to instill a sense of confidence and safety. This color can also stimulate impulsivity, just think about Amazon.

Purple – Yahoo has capitalized on the color purple. Purple is also associated with royalty and religions. Did you now that purple is also associated with romance which is why Hallmark uses this color in its logo.

What Color Palet is Right for Your Company?

It is not easy to choose the right color. If you already have a color theme, don’t change. But, you can introduce new colors over time.

Understand your clients and what colors are important to them. Remember, colors have an emotional response. If you are a company that is following current trends, your website should mirror those colors.

Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?

Looking for help with all your digital marking needs? Contact Denver Digital for support of color in design of your website, SEO content, and more. Let us help your small businesses make a big impact.

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