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5 Features Every Successful Website Needs to Have

88% of consumers research a brand online before they decide to make a purchase. That statistic alone shows just how important it can be for your sales to have a good website.

In 2018, 64% of small companies had a website. However, it’s not always clear for business owners to figure out which features their website should have in order to boost their sales.

If you don’t have a dedicated team to all things digital and you’re struggling with how you can take full advantage of the potential of a website, this article is for you. Let’s build a successful website!

Features That Make a Successful Website

A good website doesn’t have to be all fancy or have a never-ending number of pages with all the possible information you can share about your company.

It can be quite simple. But there are some things cannot be missing.

These are the things that will make the user decide if they’ll further explore the website or simply click “close.” And trust us, users can be very quick to click that cross button.

The following features may seem simple, but they’ll definitely help you improve the quality of your website. 

1. A Cohesive Look

We’ve all visited websites that had so much going on that we didn’t even know where to click first. This doesn’t give off the best image.

A few ways of keeping to consistent web design are:

  • Using a maximum of three different colors, fonts and font sizes.
  • Having the same branding as in other communication materials.
  • Keeping some white space.

2. A Mobile-Friendly Version

In 2019, almost half of global web traffic was generated by mobile devices. 

If your website isn’t responsive yet, working on a mobile-friendly version should definitely be number one on your to-do list. Otherwise, think about all the traffic you might be cutting off.

3. Easy-to-Find Contact Information

So the user went on your website, they liked what they found, they’re interested in what you’re selling and … they don’t know how to reach you.

Doesn’t it sound really frustrating? You get this close to gaining a new customer and then end up losing them in the final step.

Whether you have a form or a page with your company’s contact information, be sure to make it easy for the user to find it.

4. Clear Calls to Action

When it comes to your online presence, you need to be clear about what you want to the user to do.

Calls to Action, or CTAs, guide the user all throughout your website. If you take time to work on good CTAs, it’ll be easier to get what you want from the user, whether that’s a download, a purchase, or something else.

5. Good Quality Content

This one should come without saying. Your website should provide the user will relevant information. After all, who likes reading fluff?

Having a blog that you update regularly is a great way of making sure that you always have new, high-quality content for your visitors.

Make the Most of Your Website

With all the user-friendly content management systems that are available nowadays, having a successful website is easier than ever.

Now that you know how important your digital presence is for consumers, take a look at your website. Is there anything that you can improve?

If you need any help with it, or with any other component of your digital marketing strategy, we’d be more than happy to help you. Shoot us a message!

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