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Content DevelopmentA Guide to Content Optimization: Why It’s Essential

A Guide to Content Optimization: Why It’s Essential

How do the professionals conduct their content optimization and how does their optimization strategy fit in with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy? This article offers tips on content optimization, and within the tips, you will see how content optimization and SEO seem to go hand-in-hand.

The Unpopular Content Optimization Plan

Using tags in your web pages is rather unpopular when it comes to SEO content optimization advice. Many online articles say that tags are useless these days, but that is because they do not understand the nature of SEO. You do not need to understand this either; simply run your own tests.

Run tests with seemingly similar chunks of content with seemingly similar marketing techniques, except one set has meta keywords or tagged keywords and has meta descriptions, snippets, ALT text in images, etc. The web pages that add all these elements will usually do better.

The reason tags and the meta stuff are unpopular is because their function has changed. Search engines used to use them as a primary method for identifying the meaning/use of a web page. That is no longer the case. However, they do give an indication of the intent of the author and even though that is not a big SEO factor, it is still important.

The Single Page Theory

Over time, as you create more SEO optimized content, you are going to notice that some pages seem to do overly better than their brothers and sisters. You take a look at your analytics programs and notice they are all coming from one source, such as from a single app or a single search engine. How does this factor into your optimized content marketing?

Try and test your single page theory. This is where you write content with the assumption it is the only page on your website that your user will see. They will not navigate from another web page on your website, and they will not click links to learn more.

With that in mind, your website content optimization changes a little. It often results in larger web pages, and sometimes results in a sales funnel starting and ending on the same page. Topics, ideas, and theories are fully fleshed out on a single page.

The single-page theory started when Obama’s single-page website seemed more popular than those of his democrat rivals. It seems there are some subjects and some websites that benefit optimizing their content in this way.

The Conclusion is That The Rules Are Not Hard And Fast

Do not mistake content optimization for the old-fashioned rules on SEO. We used to be told that a website would fail if it didn’t have enough characters in its meta tags or if it used the same keywords too often. This is no longer the case with SEO as it is no longer the case with content optimization. The three key components to optimization are:
1 – Optimize while paying attention to good search engine optimization
2 – Let the formatting, layout, and function match the meaning/use of the page
3 – Test, test, and test

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