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The Top 5 SEO Trends of 2019

Competition among businesses gets stiffer daily. For your business to stay ahead of the pack on the internet, it is necessary to move with SEO trends as need be.

This boosts visibility of your website to potential buyers. This article explores some of the search engine trends you need to keep tabs on in 2019.

1. Focus Is on Mobile-First Indexing

Recently, many web users have migrated from using PC to mobile. It seems this migration is there to stay. The future of SEO is based on mobile-first indexing.

Google has initiated the process of indexing websites based on their mobile responsiveness. This means if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices you will rank lower.

If your website is responsive, it’s good practice to test from time to time to ensure it stays that way.

Online business requires adaptability. The use of m-dot and responsiveness for a similar web-page is not allowed by Google.
There are various tools available online to help you test response of your website on mobile.

2. Exceptional Content

Content is the cornerstone of all SEO campaigns. But, most people fail to admit to this truth, and thus, their focus is on coming up with blogs to keep their websites alive and nothing more.

This hurts your ranking big time, and once the downward spiral starts, there is no coming back from it.

Good content requires planning to make it informative and valuable to the end users. This involves redirecting users to other relevant sources as well.

A good strategy is required to avoid bombarding website visitors with keywords. As an organization, come up with a watchdog for google keyword trends.

Focus on the long tail keywords, which more often than not represent the specific queries that your target market is searching for. Offer one of a kind answers to these queries by starting with empathy.

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes works better when it comes to curating content for them. By adhering to this you ensure that you are not only ranking but being relevant by solving problems.

Good content will kill two birds with one stone; help you drive conversions and help your rank better on the search engine result pages.

3. Voice Search

Artificial intelligence devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google are selling like candy in an elementary school. People believe in the ability of such devices to help them make life more convenient.

Long-tail keywords are gaining relevance people are more specific about what they want. Having a strategy in place to take advantage of this will help you earn a better ROI on the search engine rankings.

4. Blockchain Is Making an Entry into SEO Trends

For most people, it may be hard to fathom how Blockchain will affect the search engine trends, but this is how.

Google plays a major role in ensuring that advertisements reach the relevant audiences. The audience then responds and this data sent back to advertisers.

It is important to note that recently many advertisers have complained. The complains are about click fraud, where they get irrelevant data relayed to them.

Blockchain helps determine whether the clicks are instigated by bots or real people. This will help increase transparency in the digital marketing sphere.

5. Image Search to Keep Growing

The prominence of image search rose in the year 2017 since then; it’s been elevated further.

This has seen a lot of websites that fail to conform lose out big time when it comes to their traffic. Image search is one of the key elements that will drive the search engine trends this year.

It is necessary to factor in that image searches will have a great effect on how search engines rank websites.

In the coming years, image search is expected to take a toll as the preferred search term by majority of web users.

Keep Abreast

SEO trends can catapult your website rankings or derail them. Thus, it is important that you always keep abreast with all industry changes.

Visit our blog daily to get most up to date news on changes in search engine rankings and digital marketing as a whole.

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