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MarketingNewsDwell rate: what it is and why it’s important

Dwell rate: what it is and why it’s important

In our last blog post, we talked about SEO, why it’s important and how a blog can help improve your website’s ranking.  If you didn’t read the full text, that’s OK.   We’ll take a quick minute to recap some of the most important bullet points.

  • If your website doesn’t rank well in a search engine query, your customers won’t be able to find you
  • If your customers can’t find you, you’re likely losing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each
  • The types of things that the search engine algorithm uses to determine a website’s ranking aren’t static; what works great today might hurt your ranking four months from now
  • One thing that the algorithms have always favored relates to websites that publish fresh content. A blog is a great way to add continued content to your website without making it visually busy
  • We touched upon dwell rate and promised to explain it more in a later post
  • This is that post

Dwell rate defined

Dwell rate is how long people stay on your website. If your website is filled with well-written, informative, relevant content, people will spend longer on each page.  On the other hand, if your website is filled with misspellings and it was written by someone who doesn’t have a strong grasp of the English language, people are going to hit the back arrow on their web browser with astounding speed.

If you’re going to add a blog, you’ll want to remember that it’s not about throwing everything you can at the wall, in hopes that something will stick. The goal is to post continued, relevant, meaningful content that people will want to read and share.

Yeah but why is it important

Let’s say you’ve worked with a digital marketing team and they’ve helped get your website onto page one.  If people go to your website and they leave almost immediately, the search engine crawlers are going to take note of that.  Your website ranking will be penalized, and you’ll be forced to kiss that coveted page 1 ranking goodbye.

If you own a dog grooming service, you’ll want to make sure you do some keyword research, so you’ll know which search terms that your customers are using. You’ll also want to use current best practices to incorporate those keywords into your blog posts.

With any luck, people will spend time reading your content and they’ll cross-post your content to social media. This is an important goal because it will help improve your SEO.

On the other hand, if you’re a dog groomer who is posting blogs about Christmas cookie recipes, one of two things will happen. First, people won’t go to your website or two, if people do visit, they’ll realize that your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe has nothing to do with the haircut they’re trying to book for their fur baby.

As such, your dwell rate will be terrible.

If you have further questions about how dwell rate works and/or how to improve yours, call My Denver Digital today to learn more.

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