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How to write a powerful meta description

How to write a powerful meta description

Meta descriptions are at the foundation of all SEO content. Meta descriptions provide a summary of each page on your site.

This is useful for Google, and potential customers, because it provides a clear idea of your page’s purpose. As of now, meta descriptions will not impact your SEO ranking with Google, but they will increase your likelihood of attracting your target audience. For this reason, meta descriptions are an important part of successful SEO content. In this blog, Denver Digital will explain how to write a powerful meta description.

Active Voice

Google, along with platforms like WordPress prefer content with an active voice. Active voice is direct and engages the client. In this form of writing, the person is typically the subject, they are performing the action. While you may think this arbitrary, active voice creates a more direct, precise message, and better writing.

135-160 Characters

Meta descriptions can contain up to 160 characters, but to increase web rank — you should aim for 155 characters or less. Shorter descriptions keep your page summary short and easy to comprehend. Further, your customer will be able to see the entire description without it cutting off.

Clear Purpose

Know what your page is about. Your page’s purpose should be stated clearly in the meta description. A clear page purpose keeps your content unique and prevents it from becoming buried in a search engine. The more precise articles you write the greater the chances are of attracting a niche audience and gaining visibility.

Match Content

Lastly, ensure your meta description matches your page content. Meta descriptions that do not fit web content fail to serve their purpose — to be a page summary. Mismatched meta descriptions will result in a lower page ranking, and are entirely avoidable.


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