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Social Media Advertising3 Great White Hat SEO techniques: With Denver Digital

3 Great White Hat SEO techniques: With Denver Digital

3 Great White Hat SEO techniques: With Denver Digital

In the world of SEO,  there are a number of different “terms” that apply to online marketing. Two phrases that are particularly common , “white hat”” and “black hat”. When someone refers to “white hat” SEO, they are referencing SEO methods that Google supports.

For example, boosting your site ranking by improving web content quality. Contrastly, “black hat” SEO represents poor SEO practices that may be able to boost your web ranking.

Naturally, “black hat” techniques are often shortcuts and stand in defiance of Google’s best practices. While “black hat” techniques can offer temporary solutions, they are often not sustainable and can result in website degradation. For this reason, the experts at Denver Digital encourage pursuing and applying “white hat” SEO techniques. In this article, we will share three “white hat” SEO techniques that can improve your web ranking.

Content Marketing Method

An excellent way of building your web presence and increasing your web rank is by first creating a content marketing method. This method, or plan, should encompass miniature marketing goals and overall, a schedule. A well organized, consistent, content marketing method is at the base of long term online visibility and success. The digital marketing specialists, at Denver Digital, can work with your company’s unique needs to create a method that works well for you.

Link Building

The links you build for your website can significantly improve your ranking with Google, but they must be relevant. Google will penalize websites that create illegitimate links with no purpose other than to boost SEO, (building links this way is a ‘black hat’ technique and should be avoided). However, creating links that are related to your page’s content is a great way to build positive business relationships with other online companies, and boost your SEO rankings.

Mobile Access

In 2017, your site’s mobile access should be a priority. It is becoming increasingly common to access web content via smartphones. Your website must follow this trend, or it will risk lagging behind. Google now ranks down web content that is not mobile friendly, avoid this error and create a digital presence that works well on all platforms.

In the world of SEO marketing, there are a number of different ways to get ahead, but at Denver Digital, we take a holistic, honest approach that focuses on quality content. Producing original, organic content, that matches Google’s wants is the best way to get ahead, and stay ahead.

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