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SEO for small business

SEO for small business

At Denver Digital, our mission is to make digital marketing work for any kind of business in Colorado.

From local mainstays to startups, our marketing experts make it easy to bring your products and services to the masses.

A common question from our customers is, “what is SEO, anyway?”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If a website’s SEO is properly maintained, that means it’s easy for anyone searching for keywords online to find that particular website. The more those keywords pop up in original, personalized content, the more easily searchable your website is.

Denver Digital’s marketing experts use a few key strategies to assure that a website is not only easy to find online but also a top search when it comes to particular business types and service areas. One of them is creativity. Because SEO is based on organic, or unpaid, digital content, our services have to come with a particular level of creativity and originality. That means part of our job in marketing a business’ products and services is to truly understand the inner workings of the business itself. What makes customers keep coming back to your business? What kinds of café’s, retail boutiques, contractors, and specialists attract certain demographics? What are positive keywords that come to mind when a Coloradan scrolls through customer reviews on a web page? These are all questions that our experts at Denver Digital seek to answer in making your business seen by as many potential customers as possible.

When a business pays for Denver Digital’s services, long-term SEO maintenance encompasses almost every aspect past the initial website setup. It’s one thing to create a website to exist online, and quite another to draw visitors to it and make the investment in online marketing worthwhile. That’s where our focus on SEO comes from, and we stand by its importance.

Another strategy used at Denver Digital is personalized content. This means that fresh content is created by developers for your website each month. Not only does it improve SEO over time by adding searchable web pages to your site, but it also sends a message to your customers and partners that you’re committed to doing business in the digital realm and maintain pride in connecting with the community. Through optimized pages, thoughtful design, live chat functions and blogs like this one, our digital marketers have the tools to increase traffic on your business website, drawing customers in the process.

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