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Social Media AdvertisingUtilizing infographics in your 2018 digital marketing strategy: A Guide

Utilizing infographics in your 2018 digital marketing strategy: A Guide

Utilizing infographics in your 2018 digital marketing strategy: A Guide

If you’re ready to refresh your brand in the new year, look no further than Denver Digital’s infographic services.

Despite our focus on SEO and custom website development, we look for opportunities to create a host of original graphic and written content for your business to stand out from the crowd online. One digital marketing trend that’s still on the up and up is the use of infographics, namely because of their bite-sized allure and simplicity when it comes to sharing across various platforms. It’s not about flooding the internet with content; it’s about flooding the internet with high-quality content that the average user is most likely to actually read, watch, share, and engage with. For many situations, an infographic is a perfect way to get your message across in a visual and dynamic way.

Infographics also contribute to users easily ingesting a higher amount of information, especially when they’re on social media.

Social media platforms are inherently space where multitasking is the goal and overstimulation is the result, so creating memorable visuals in the form of infographics can go a long way in helping your website or business’ content stand out and stay memorable online. It’s also a way to spice up basic or boring pieces of content that are must-reads for savvy customers.

These types of graphics are also perfect for the learners out there who would prefer to see a visual depiction of the facts at hand rather than a few lines of text, like this blog post. Infographics can utilize backlinks and lead users to other content on your website when they click to enlarge or engage with the graphic itself. When done right, a good infographic can almost double the traffic to a specific site or article associated with the graphic itself. This, of course, happens if all the best practices align, from the timing of a well-crafted post to the quality of the graphic content itself.

Lucky for the average person online, creating infographics can be a simple process with websites that specialize in basic graphics packages and user-friendly design programs. But, your graphics can stand out with a little professional flair on behalf of our team at Denver Digital. We’re not only creative but know exactly what works best when it comes to catching the average scroller’s eye. Plus, once we get to know you, your business, and what you’re all about, it’s easy for us to build content that reflects you and your brand.

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