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Website DevelopmentTelling the story – Multi-Platform pointing

Telling the story – Multi-Platform pointing

Telling the story – Multi-Platform pointing

In the digital age, marketing often comes down to telling a story.

Whether the star is your brand, product, or those who use it, consumers want to feel as if they’re following something they know.

Over time, the familiarity of a business who engages in good storytelling across all platforms will settle into the consumer’s mind, making them more open to targeted advertisements, new product launches, or trying to brand new services as your company grows and changes.

One practice often used by media companies, bloggers, and public forums like Reddit is a hyperlink system. If you’re releasing content about a product or attempting to market it, linking that contact back to older iterations of the same product, a customer review of the product, or a news story related to it are all good ways to foster web and social media traffic, while keeping people in the same Internet space. For example, if an up-and-coming apparel company shares an article from National Geographic that happens to feature a place that inspired a new line of clothing or accessories, not only does that organically add to the story of how those products came to be, but it also helps sneak into a newsfeed algorithm where news stories are often treated as advertisements themselves.

That being said, if you’re collaborating with another business or group, don’t miss an opportunity to utilize each other’s following and point across platforms to your current project. A wedding photographer promoting their work on Facebook could easily add a link or mention a boutique, stylist, or jewelry designer’s account on Instagram, pointing customers toward following that collaborator and possibly seeing more photos by the photographer themselves. It’s subliminal but works very well in familiarizing your customers with your business’ story.

Online and social media marketing all comes down to the visuals, so any format with which you tell your story should point to those strengths. If one of your social accounts is utilizing photos of existing products, have another feature recorded customer reviews while a third focuses on related news and hyping upcoming ventures. Then point one toward the rest, and allow consumers to travel with you from app to app. The more visibility that provides business, the more likely, they are to turn follows into cold hard cash.

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